Tired of Reloading Clicks? Advancer Pencil Will Do It For You!

May 26th, 2013
Tired of Reloading Clicks? Advancer Pencil Will Do It For You!

Tired of Reloading Clicks? Advancer Pencil Will Do It For You!

The Advancer Pencil from Paper Mate Company brings a new brand of mechanical pencils that is automatic and easy to use.  This unique idea of developing a mechanical pencil designed with a self-advanced lead refill not only provides convenience for product users but also avoids tiring constant reloading clicks for a pencil refill.  The advancer pencil specific features below will give you more information on how this stylish and convenient mechanical pencil will help you a lot for writing works and projects.

Click-free Technology

Most avid mechanical users such as teachers, writers, and engineers always voice-out problems with the refilling of the lead on mechanical pencils.  Too many clicks in one sitting can cause inconvenience and waste of lead.  With this mechanical pencil concern, Advancer pencil was born to provide a self-advancing lead reloads for users’ convenience.  It keeps you to write much longer as the advancer pencil continuously supplies you with a new lead.  You do not have to waste your time on clicking the reload button just to fill in a new lead to write.  Hence, it saves time, effort and patience for mechanical pencil users.  It also indirectly provides focus for users as the annoying consistent clicking sound will not be heard through the self-advancing feature.  Also, it advances accurately for your needed lead as it avoids overextension of the lead.  The prevention of the overextending lead avoids further breakage of the excess part.

Non-slip grip

Pencil grips are also crucial for writing professionals who want mechanical pencils to have a good handgrip suitable for a nonstop performance.  The Advancer pencil is structurally designed to have a non-slip grip for achieving the highest degree of comfort and control to users no matter how they hold it.  With an appropriate grip, users lessen writing fatigue and save an ample of time for longer writing work.

Large Smudge Eraser

                For long writing tasks, a durable eraser is needed to remove pencil marks with no smudges.  The large smudge eraser of the advancer pencil is ideal for users who work on writing or drawing activities that requires major revisions and omissions.  With   the help of the large smudge eraser of advancer pencil, you resist smudging and paper tears.  It is also large in size to ensure its longer use.  The unique erase is also pliable and soft which prevents paper scratches.  It also removes paper marks cleanly without smudging.  It is made up of all rubber hence is self-cleaning.  Also, the large smudge eraser does not retract.  Even if you have a strong stroke in erasing paper marks, the advancer pencil is guaranteed not to come off.

Lead Shield

As mentioned earlier, the Paper Mate Advancer Pencil has a revolutionary lead.  Aside from its self-advance lead, it also has a shield technology to protect pencils from internal breakage of the lead.  Internal breakage of the lead in mechanical pencils is another added stress for users.  With this lead shield, users are not anymore worried for potential hassle due to lead problems.  You therefore will not take time to find and refill new leads as the advancer pencil lead itself is assured of its quality and protection.

No Need for Sharpening

Probably the best advantage of mechanical pencils compared to manual pencils is the absence of added effort and time for sharpening.  Just like any other mechanical pencils, advancer pencil also does not need sharpening.  The self-advance lead is automatic and fills up the lead when using it.  Fast writers are most suited to have this advancer pencil for them to save much time to beat writing deadlines.

Strong Hold

The advancer pencil also contains a metal clip and nose attached to the body.  This metal clip and nose secures the mechanical pencil’s durability and accessibility.  Users can clip the advancer pencils on their IDs and on front pockets for easy location.  It also adds volume into the entirety of the mechanical pencil making it less likely for breakage in case it fell off the floor.

Fine point

To achieve the finest and most precise point of engineering, the advancer pencil can definitely help. It uses a 0.5 mm lead charcoal barrel for fine point stroke.  Users who want to create a sharp and smooth pencil marks can benefit from this advancer pencil’s lead circumference.  This charcoal barrel lead works for standardized and electronically-scored tests also.

Fashion colors

Technicalities aside, the advancer pencil is also trendy in style.  It has a wide variety of fashion colors and design for users of all ages.  It comes in solid colors of purple, red, green, and orange on its contoured barrels.  It is also available in business colors for professionals such as in blue, charcoal, and read in assorted 5, 3, or 2-packs.  With this high quality and revolutionary technology, the advancer pencil from Paper Mate surely shuts up your tiresome pencil advance lead clicks for good.

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